Shawl Number One

My first shawl of my 6 shawl challenge is done and I’m happy with it, before blocking I was concerned it was going to be rather narrow, but it grew enormously on being blocked. I first knit this shawl last summer in 4 ply/fingering weight yarn and I didnt write many notes, so this time[…]

My Shawl Challenge

Over on ravelry there is a lovely group called 12 shawls forever, where the challenge is to knit/crochet 12 shawls throughout the year. I’ve decided to attempt it this year, but have also set myself the challenge of designing 6 shawls myself. I love knitting shawls, watching what looks like a scrumpled fishing net transform[…]

A Shiny New Blog

So here is my new blog, as you can see it is definitely still under construction, but over the next few days/weeks that should hopefully all change, although I am rather liking theĀ blankness of it all at the moment. Why do I want a new blog; well this is where I hope to showcase my[…]