Choo choo beanie revisited

The Choo Choo Beanie is another of my older patterns that I am revisiting solely to add it to this blog. I made this hat 4 years ago for my son who at the time was very very train obsessed, he still loves trains but alas the hat is long gone. It is a super easy[…]

Curlew Shawl

This is my second shawl to be released in my 2013 six shawl challenge, the colour and texture reminded me of bird feathers which is why I named it Curlew. It is now available to download from ravelry and its free! download now Curlew is an extremely easy shawl to knit using just under 300 yards of[…]

Mimsy Shawl

This is my first fully completed shawl of my 2013 six shawl challenge and the pattern is now available for download from ravelry, buy now Mimsy is knit from the top down starting at the centre back, it grows in width rapidly and the cascade of diamonds down the centre of the back keeps the knitting[…]