Wonderful WIPs

Most knitters have WIPs (work in progress), some have a lot, normally I’m in that category, but when I decided to take a picture of my current wips i discovered that for once I don’t seem to have that many bags of knitting. In the past couple of weeks I’ve been making myself finish things[…]

New yarn and new scarf

I wrote a new post last Monday on my tablet and then I evidently clicked on something wrong because instead of publishing it has disappeared! But anyway I have turned my super bulky burly spun into a scarf, I love how it looks but have yet to find the time (and space) to block it,[…]

Knitting Big

I’m normally more of a lightweight yarn kinda girl but there are 3 skeins of this lovely burly spun sat in my stash just asking to be knit into something lovely. So I’ve set myself a weekend challenge of turning the 2 pink skeins into something pretty, at the moment I have no idea what,[…]