Indie Designer Gift-a-Long: starting tomorrow!

So have you heard about the Indie Designer gift-a-long over on Ravelry? It’s a 2 month long KAL / CAL using patterns from 293 independent knit and crochet designer from 21 different countries around the world. And the best thing is that each of these designers are offering from 4 to 20 patterns with a[…]

Knitted Skirts

I fell into a pinterest hole the other day, I started out looking at christmas decorations and ended up looking at loads of pictures of knitted skirts (no idea how that happened!) So what do you think about hand knitted skirts / dresses? I saw some lovely ones but I’m not sure if my giant[…]

Never Not Knitting

My three colour shawl is finished (yay), it’s currently being tech edited and I’ve also got a couple of test knitters working on it, so I’m aiming to release the pattern before the end of October. I haven’t yet started knitting anything new, I’m working on a new pattern, but am still at the sketching[…]

Indie Yarns

After my post on my favourite online yarn shops I thought I should also mention some of my favourite indie yarn sellers, because, well I love hand-dyed yarn! So a few of my faourites: firstly Posh Yarn, because the colours are wonderful, the picture above is Diana heavy lace, I bought this a while ago,[…]