As Autumn Leaves

  This is ‘As Autumn Leaves’, my seventh shawl pattern this year and possibly my favourite. You can see more information and purchase the pattern here. The shawl was inspired by the poem ‘come little leaves’, it is perfect for autumnal evenings as it wraps all the way around your shoulders, both pretty and functional.[…]

Venation Shawl

It has been a while since my last post, school holidays were busy and we’ve been away on vacation, but now all is back to normal and I have a bit more time again. I have just published my sixth shawl pattern, yay! and because I’m happy (and somewhat shocked) that I managed to design[…]

Six Shawls

Summer in the UK is a random thing, last year it was mostly overcast and damp, but this year, for a change, we have had sunshine! As a family we have been making the most of this, spending as much time as possible enjoying the warm weather and because of this I haven’t done too[…]

Heartfelt Shawl

This is Heartfelt, my newest shawl pattern, this shawl was designed purposely to use one of those ‘special’ skeins of yarn, you know the one, that super pretty/expensive yarn you bought and have been saving for something special. This shawl lets you wear your heart on your shoulder and show you yarn just how much[…]

Meandros Shawl

This is Meandros, my fourth shawl from my 6 shawl challenge, and it is now available to download on ravelry. This semicircular shawl is knit all in one piece from the top down, the meander pattern in this shawl is created using slipped stitches, a simple technique that allows you to work with just one yarn at[…]

Hearts at last

After all the trials and tribulations that I had with designing a heart themed shawl it has finally been finished, blocked, photographed and is now being test knitted. I don’t know why I had so many problems with the design of this shawl, think I may have been suffering from some sort of mental block[…]

Rock Pool Shawl

My Rock Pool Shawl pattern is finally available to download! This shawlette is knit all in one piece from the top down with the main body knit all in garter stitch leading to a pretty, open lace edging. Rock Pool is perfect for both varigated and solid coloured yarns and is ideal for using up that[…]

Pretty in Pink

Here is a better picture of meandros, my latest shawl, I’ve just finished writing up the pattern, will put it on to the testing board in the next couple of days, hopefully there will be people out there that would like to test the pattern for me! I’ve also taken some more pictures of my mimsy[…]


I haven’t blogged much recently but I have been busy and have just finished another shawl!  This one is inspired by greek tile patterns and because of this I’ve named it Meandros, a meander or meandros is a decorative border constructed from a continuous line (so wikipedia tells me) and this is what I’ve included[…]