Indie Design Gift-a-Long: My Favourite Hats

The gift-a-long has given me the excuse for some selfish knitting, for a change I am going to knit something for myself! I’ve decided that to start with I’m going to make myself a hat, I spent absolutely ages looking through the pinterest boards, but I’ve picked out a few that I really like (if you click on the pic it will take you to the pattern page)

Jollyoly: I love the slouchiness, sport/5ply


Kotiya: a very fun looking hat, worsted weight


Cloudberry Beret: super bulky and there’s a matching scarf too


Kensington: another beret this time in worsted weight


Huntley: man appropriate, worsted weight


I’ve decided that I am going to start with Jollyoly, then perhaps a beret, I may make blokey a Huntley too


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