Unforeseen circumstances or we’ve got a puppy!

So my plan had been to release a new hat pattern every friday this month, and as this is the first friday this post should really be about my new pattern, but it’s not as this week hasn’t gone exactly to plan. This is totally the fault of this chap:

IMAG0306 (2)

Not a great picture, I took it on my phone, but this is our new puppy, he arrived Wednesday evening and I’ve discovered that having a small puppy in the house is very similar to having a new baby, there is a lot of poop and you get nothing done. Seriously, today is supposed to be my day for getting work done, but instead I’ve been sat upon most of the day, or clearing up puddles!

But anyway, with regards to the new hat pattern the only thing I still need to do is choose which photos to use and add the pattern details to ravelry, I’ll get it all finished tomorrow, its 9pm here and I’m evidently getting old as I’m exhausted, back tomorrow…..