A bit of summer knitting

I’ve been feeling in a rather optimistic mood recently cobaltso I’ve started knitting a couple of cotton summery tops in the hope that we will have great summer weather.  The first is a lacey top in this lovely cobalt blue yarn, this is Wendy luxury supreme DK, its really good value but doesn’t look or feel it. I’m about half way through this top already, I always knit faster when something is going well, I hope I haven’t jinxed my pattern now!

The second top I’ve started is a short-sleeved cardigan in cascade ultra pima in a rather bright orange, this one isn’t going as quickly, mainly i suddenly lost the ability to count and made a major mess of the pattern about 3 inches in, it’s currently sitting in a bag waiting for me to sort out its issues!

I’m also working on the rowan mystery afghan knit along so I probably shouldn’t start any more projects, but I had a hat idea when I was walking home this afternoon so perhaps just a little swatch tonight……