A new Project – Part 2


Last week I wrote about getting over excited and ordering yarn for a new project before even finding out if it would work, well I have spent the time since then knitting a lot of little swatches and swearing a bit too, but I have done it and the project is go! This is a really rubbish picture, the light was fading, but this is the very start of a my new shawl. I have to admit that looking at this picture it doesnt look too exciting so far, but the next row is where it gets interesting, this is only the first few stitches, there’s actually 300sts in total on those needles. Oh and yes I am working on extremely long straight needles because I cannot find my 3.5mm needle tips, they are somewhere in this house, I just have absolutely no idea where, and I’m determined not to buy another pair (I think i’ve actually lost two sets) oops.