I haven’t blogged much recently but I have been busy and have just finished another shawl!  This one is inspired by greek tile patterns and because of this I’ve named it Meandros, a meander or meandros is a decorative border constructed from a continuous line (so wikipedia tells me) and this is what I’ve included within my shawl. 011

Here’s a sneak peek showing the tile inspired section, the shawl is a half circle, knitted from the top down with the meander pattern finished off with a lace edging. It is knit all in one piece and really is very easy, my sample was knit in Artesano 100% alpaca 4ply, the red contrast colour was is Berocco ultra alpaca fine, I think alpaca could be my new favourite fibre! I still need to weigh the finished shawl to get an approximate yardage and finish writing up the pattern, hopefully will be putting it out for testing this week.