Oh no Clangers…..

The Clangers are back on television here in the UK; for anyone who does know about the Clangers it’s a childrens programme that was originally aired in the early 1970’s and now they’ve been brought out of retirement for a whole new series.

Now the reason that I say ‘Oh No’ is because (1) my 4 year old son has decided he loves them and (2) they are knitted…..

article-0-0271F8F60000044D-352_306x423Ever since he first spotted the advert for the Clangers he has been going on about my making him one. Now I love knitting but that thing looks ever so fiddly don’t you think!? Anyway if you love them too there is a free knitting pattern over on the Cbeebies website and I supposed I had better go in search of some pink yarn….