Well that was a rather long pause!

Last year I said that this blog was going to be paused for a couple of months, well those couple of months turned (unintentionally) into quite a few months, it’s amazing how when you get out of the habit of doing something it gradually drifts off to the back of your mind. But the daft thing is that I’ve missed the blog so I really shouldn’t have left it behind for so long.

Anyway I’m back! Loads of exciting stuff has happened since I’ve been gone, including getting my very first pattern in Knitty! The picture above is of my sweater Mersea Island which appeared in Knitty deep fall, all of the pictures for this pattern were actually taken on Mersea Island too, its a great place especially if you like mud or oysters! From now on there will be more regular posting and lots more patterns throughout the year, I’ve got some good ones coming!