Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes

I haven’t shared a cakey recipe in ages so here’s a new one. Chocolate brownie cupcakes are currently one of our favourites, they’re quick and easy to make and taste great. The recipe makes 12 cakes. Ingredients: 200g dark chocolate 90g butter 200g dark brown sugar 2 eggs 1tsp vanilla extract 140g plain flour Method:[…]

Jam tarts

Another great recipe for making with your children, jam tarts are simple and tasty. These tarts are made with a basic pastry, don’t worry about chilling the pastry before rolling out, just don’t over handle it.  Any jam will work, just use whatever you have in the fridge/cupboard.  This recipe will make approx 15 tarts[…]

Chocolate oaties

These are great biscuits to make with your kids, it’s a simple recipe and it really doesn’t matter what they look like. They’re also an excellent energy food, perfect for lunchboxes. This recipe will make approx 16 – 20 biscuits depending on how big you want them. Ingredients: 110g butter, softened 110g light brown sugar[…]

Boiled Fruit Cake

I love rich fruit cake, it’s one of my favourite Christmas foods, but a good fruit cake takes hours to bake and then needs to be left to mature. This boiled version is great for when you really want fruit cake right now, the cooking time is quite short, but it still results in a[…]