Christmas yarn

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, did you get any knitting or craft related gifts? I got yarn how great is that! Admittedly the Rowan pww pictured above I did choose myself, but that’s because I have a specific project in mind which I’m planning on starting as soon as I finish the shawl[…]

New Patterns: More Animal Balls

I have new patterns… firstly More Animal Balls, small little creatures, the pattern includes instructions for a reindeer, whale, owl and puppy, they’re just 3″ tall, perfect for your Christmas tree. And then there are the mega balls… Penguin mega ball: Robin Mega Ball: and finally Hedgehog mega ball: The three mega balls are pretty[…]

Merry Christmas

My house is currently a whirlwind of baking and over excited small boys, the youngest has been helping me make mince pies, terrible picture but they taste good! So before I start baking anything else (I’m thinking chocolate cake) I just wanted to wish everyone a very merry Christmas, may you have a wonderful relaxing[…]

New Knitting Pattern: Animal Balls

A while back I talked about making Christmas decorations, well this is what that idea turned into! I wanted something cute that I could hang on my tree, but also something that didn’t necessarily have to be just for Christmas. The Animal Balls pattern includes instructions for all five of the animals, a sheep, hedgehog,[…]