New knitting pattern: Hathi Sweater

Time to start the week with a new pattern, Hathi is the Hindi word for elephant; this sweater boasts an entire herd of hathi striding majestically around the yoke. Hathi is knit from the bottom up in the round, the body and sleeves of the sweater are knit first then all three are joined together[…]

Fracture a mystery knit-a-long

I’m running my very first mystery knit-a-long and I would love you to come and join me! Fracture is a crescent shaped lace shawl knit from the top down. The pattern is suitable for an advanced beginner, the instructions are chart only but guidance and useful links will be provided to help anyone not used[…]

February woes

This blog has been somewhat neglected over the past couple of weeks and to be honest so has rather a lot of other stuff in my life. Apart from the occasional cold I rarely get ill (thankfully) but over the last two weeks I’ve been knocked out by a dose of the flu and I[…]

Follow the rainbow

Ok how pretty is this yarn! I have been very good and have mostly ignored all January sales, but I just couldn’t resist this one little purchase, the yarn is The Knitting Goddess 4ply Britsock and you can see it in the shop here. Now admittedly I have no idea what I am going to[…]

2016 a list

 I like lists, seriously list writing is a major habit of mine, admittedly I don’t always do everything I’ve listed but I find that actually writing a task down increases the chance of me starting, if not finishing, it. So this is my 2016 (not just about knitting) list, I’m not resolving to do anything,[…]