February 8, 2017

An alternative to P2togtbl

I know that many people dislike knitting the P2togtbl stitch as it is rather fiddly, but if you need directional decreases on both right side and wrong side rows then P2togtbl is often necessary.

So here is a short video tutorial showing an alternative way of working this stitch that is a lot easier on the hands, the final stitch looks exactly the same as a P2togtbl but requires less acrobatic hand manoeuvers. I've also included written instructions below.


Firstly: insert your right hand needle into the next 2 stitches just as you would when doing a P2tog, slide these 2 stitches on to the right hand needle.

Secondly: bring the left needle up and under these two stitches and slide them back on to the left needle, the stitches have now been twisted.

Thirdly: Now purl these 2 stitches together just as your would a regular P2tog.

You will now have a left leaning purled decrease.